You can’t manage your reputation. What you can do is to contribute to a positive one. We’re in an age where we google everything. What happens when somebody google’s you or your company? Does it show nothing? Does it show your competitors? Does it show an alternate (perhaps positive) view of who you are and how you operate?

Here are the basics of online marketing. Basics meaning the first things needed.

Do you have a website?
Your website is where people find you online. Having your own website is better than the free alternatives. You pay for a name, hosting, then you may opt for creating your own website, using a template or hiring a designer or design company to do the work. Whenever I meet potential clients I get asked what my website was. The website is the center of all online activities. Having a website I own instead of a free website gives a professional [4 September 2013] Please check the Rare Book Scholarships page for the newly updated application form for the 2013 scholarship cycle. impression because the opposite may give an impression that you are a fly by night company.

Do you have a blog?
A blog is not just a place to post your selfies. For a business it’s a way to update your customers with your information. The blog acts as your own iPhone ja iPad ovat mobiilicasinoiden suosikkilaitteita. press for announcing things. If you give your customers a good reason to read online slots your blog then you will have a better rapport with your audience.

Here are some examples of blogs by companies.