I used to think that you need to be like Batman to get things done.

  • billionaire budget

  • the latest high tech gadgets

  • the best tools for everything

Enter the Joker.

If you’ve seen the film “The Dark Knight” the Joker accomplished everything on Batman’s mission list more efficiently than the Batman ever could.

  • The Joker eliminated the heads of the major crime families in Gotham.

  • The Joker replaced the corrupt Gotham government officials with non corrupt ones by assassinating them.

Bad Batman Habits I emulate:

I want to show off. Buying the latest gadgets is more of a statement than a necessity. When I started blogging, I got more done with a USB and a rented computer. Today I have a smartphone,  a tablet,  a MacBook Pro and so on and I have a hard time getting things done because I’m distracted by all the unnecessary features.

  1. I beat around the bush. Instead of just writing and publishing, I read more, I explore techniques, I do a lot of other unnecessary things. I’m like Batman. I beat criminals into submission and hope the world will change. It won’t. I just need to do the work.

The Joker’s Success Formula:

What are best practices of the Joker that I can emulate in  my business?

  1. Simplicity. Batman has a high tech suit and a custom made mask and cape. The Joker uses make up you can buy in a drugstore and a standard knife, a gun and a few explosives. That’s it. Don’t make things complicated. Remember to simplify.

  2. Improvisation. I often find myself shopping around for the best gear I can use. The Joker doesn’t have cutting edge gear. He’ll use any knife lying around that’s within reach. What do you do with your gear? Are you also obsessed with upgrading? Do you have James Bond level gear but fail to get things done? I encourage you to reconsider. Use what you have.

  3. Consistent action. Instead of a plan to get things perfect like your upgrades the Joker is out there taking action. Most of us would execute when everything we need is 100% ready. The Joker works with the 1% and moves forward to the next step. In the movie you see him working and getting things done.

  4. Persistence. The Batman does his best to stop the Joker in the movie. The Joker keeps getting back up. The Joker is the most well known Batman villain for this reason. The Batman is a result of Bruce Wayne’s inability to get over the death of his parents. The Joker, simply moves on from his failure and takes the next step in his life.

Some practical tips:

  1. Don’t obsess over what you can buy to upgrade your gear.

  2. Use what you already have.

  3. Only upgrade if whatever tool that you’re using had broken down due to wear and tear of regular use.

  4. Use your creativity instead of money to accomplish your tasks.

Do you see how useful it is? Now stop trying to be Batman and give the Joker’s methods a try.