When I was younger I was fascinated with the Jedi temple. They train kids to be protectors of the galaxy and as I dug deeper, Jedi who don"t qualify keep their force powers and Jedi training, except for their light saber but work on different areas of Star Wars society as farmers, doctors, scientists and the like.

Back in high school I was a fan of martial arts. I was fascinated with Muay Thai and other for,s of kickboxing. I wanted Jean Claude Van Damme so I got my hair cut as a flat top just like him. I"m Asian so no matter what I do I won"t look like him. I look better.

Going back, I found out that in Thailand, Muay Thai training camps train kids for free to get them off drugs. They get jobs as professional boxers or bodyguards or bar bouncers which I find pretty awesome. I had this idea back in school and I"m not sure if anyone has done it already or is currently doing it. I don"t have the funding to build a Jedi Temple but in case you do have the funding or know someone who has the funding then feel free to use this idea.

I"d like to take things further. Instead of just training them for low paying jobs you can create the closest thing we have to Jedi.

You can pick up kids from streets or from poor families and offer to feed, school and train them until they get to college. Give the kid a better future. Here are three things you can provide.

Martial arts
Growing up u was considered the smart but lazy kid. I acted dumb because I didn"t want to participate because I was not really competitive and improving myself didn"t interest me. Enter martial arts. Martial arts got me interested in learning to be stronger. It didn"t stop there I became healthily obsessed with getting better, keyword healthily. The mindset of learning a skill through practice and experimentation started in me with my interest in martial arts. If they"re not push overs then they"re more confident and be able to protect their families.

Don"t just give them guns that"s easy. It"s just like saying to a fourteen year old girl that"s it"s okay to have sex with boys your age as long as you use a condom. Have fun. Not right.

Martial arts also taught me that we have power to do the make hard decisions and to do the right thing. There"s discipline and we"ll take care of our bodies better and I think you know the drill.

Consider local martial arts. Yaw Yan is a local kick boxing art and Kali Arnis is a local original which became part of Bruce Lee"s combo list and finishing moves. I also recommend Aikido because it taught me to avoid clashing with violence.

The Philippines is known as the only Christian nation in South East Asia. Sadly, most of us are non practicing. We need to teach other people the values that can create a better world and the conviction to do the right thing no matter what.

With great power comes great responsibility and most of the things I learned I should be responsible about are things I learned from church. Since we all have a tolerance mindset and I had the ability to kick ass nobody had the guts to tell me to my face that there are certain decisions and habits I was doing was wrong. If you believe in Christianity then I hope you"ll agree with me that connecting these youth to the Creator of the universe is the closest thing to giving them force powers except they can do feats more awesome than Yoda or Anakin Skywalker or Obi Wan Kenobi. They"ll kick ass like Darth Vader or Darth Maul (figuratively).

Send them to school
You now have awesome people. Now is the time to let them be remarkable in ways that they will have a positive impact in such a way that the world finds them valuable. Nobody in the business world valued zen practices and philosophies until Steve Jobs revealed it to be part of his inspiration. Nobody in the business world paid attention to the value of faith and spiritual disciplines until Norman Vincent Peale, John Maxwell and the late Jim Rohn discussed these things in their books and business seminars. If your Christian martial artists become doctors, lawyers, engineers, business leaders how would you think that it could impact the next generation?

They say that according to science it"s impossible to have a light saber because there is no way to stop the light at a certain length and that it would require a power source we still don"t possess.

But I think it would be awesome to have more Jedi.

Here"s what I think we need.

1. An orphanage that picks up kids from the streets and accepts runaways. This is where we can get these kids.

2. A martial arts training camp.

3. A school to send these kids to.

You"ll need martial arts masters and pastors to work together for this program.

How do you monetize this? If you can afford to fund this project then you probably can do this out of your pocket already but just in case these kids may pay you when they start working or when they have successful practices and business already. That"s the only thing I can think of right now. Oh yeah please don"t train assassins.

Will there be Sith involved? I think there already are out there doing this for selfish ends. What we need are more Jedi who will inspire us to do the right thing and be a force for good.

What do you think? Will we be seeing more Jedi in the future? Share in the comments below.