Treat people better. Many companies hate people who job hop. There"s a reason for that. When you job hop you notice how employees are treated differently and you compare between companies you have been to.

When an employee says in an interview that a perk of hiring them is that they have a collection of great business practices from past work experience the managers worry that this person has inside scope on industry practices and compensation packages.

It"s interesting that during entry level negotiations, new hires are not allowed to disclose their package even after they were told that it"s a standard package for that position? Was management lying during negations to keep the monthly salary as low as possible?

Here"s an interesting idea. Is it possible that job hoppers move around because they have higher standards? If the business owners or managers treat them like trash they"d leave and find their luck elsewhere. By luck I mean opportunity meeting their preparation. By job hopping these employees acquired a good number of company secrets, best business practices and points of view. Some business owners pay a good amount of money for this information.

Since job hoppers have higher standards, wouldn"t it be awesome if your company hired and kept job hoppers? Think about it.

If you get to hire and keep job hoppers what does it say about how your company treats its people? Wouldn"t that attract better quality people like what Google is doing?

Do you have ideas about job hoppers and how to treat people better? Consider sharing in the comments below.