We all have our limitations. We can"t really say we have it all for the customer. If your business sells through sales people that can be a problem.

If you tell your sales people that the company has everything they need then they will promise the company they are selling to that your company will have everything.

When that happens, your new clients will. expect everything from your company and when they realize that you don"t after long calls with customer service then you"re screwed.

You wrecked the sales person"s reputation. You wasted resources on your customer service reps time. You put in unnecessary and excessive demand to your implementation team.

Worst, your customer will remember that your company lied to them. We all know what happens if you repeat this process right.

Consider this alternative.

If you know limitations you can say no to a lot of prospective deals but find the right ones. This will make things better for everyone. If you are honest about what you can"t do then your sales people can bring you the right deals.

Will you be willing to be honest about your limitations?