Consider this question for a moment..

What do you hate?

An entrepreneur is a persons who solves problems for profit or pay.

Maybe there"s an opportunity there. As you solve other peoples problems more people will line up and pay you to solve theirs if it is big enough.

Consider this.. If you are one in a million and there are seven billion people on the planet then it is possible that there are 7,000 people in the planet who are like you and hate the same things as much as you? Solve problems for them. Wait. Solve problems for you. Don"t always ask others what they need. You"ll be serving more than you can handle and spread yourself too thin.

When I started business ideas I wanted to write for all my friends who are doing business. From then my ideas stopped flowing and I didn"t know why. That"s why I changed the theme into business ideas for myself and people like myself and that"s a start.

I suddenly had an idea of using what I have to contribute.

Now it"s your turn.

What do you hate and how can you use it to contribute?