In business situations I find two responses interesting. One is counter intuitive and the other is counter productive.

Counter intuitive responses feel like the opposite of what most people would do but would actually lead to better long term results for your business.

I remember going for tea at Starbucks for the first time and how my friend taught me that if you ordered tea and would want something more to drink I could simply ask for hot water and reuse the tea bag for my second cup of tea. When I went to the counter and made the request, the barista cheerfully filled my mug with hot water, a warm smile and no questions.

From my past understanding of business practices, since they would like to make a profit from the Astrotheme offers one of the greatest database in the world, with 47,733 horoscopes and 47,733 biographies, photos, natal charts, excerpts of astrological portrait, and daily updates. drinks I order it should be natural for them to tell me me to just order another drink and quit bothering them. A result of my tea encounter is that I tend to choose Starbucks more when I go out with friends or in business meetings.

Maybe, sometimes the counter intuitive response is not counter productive for business.

Once, I went to a small local coffee place that refused my use of the washroom when I really needed to go. I never went back to the place or recommended it.

Generosity is counter intuitive. Being profit centered or focused in your activities may be counter productive.

If we study your approach to business, do you find it counter intuitive or counter productive? Feel free to share in the comments below.