Nothing is perfect. That"s the perfect opportunity.

I often ask myself the question "what do people hate about the best selling products and services that I like?"

I worked for an awesome service provider that got really big. Everything was perfect but none of the representatives called the customers back to follow through the process. The customers who were affected by service issues were so angry at the company because nobody ever called the customers after a process is complete to prompt or inform them about the com and request your free credit score ratings reports from each of the 3 credit score ratings bureaus. next step. According to the customers after they put the phone down it"s like the company is thinking "conversation over, now fuck off." This lesson taught me to always check on my customers in my business.

You are not paid to care but the benefits of putting care into your work rewards you in leaps and bounds later.

In a past life I sold high end personal care products. As soon as the online slots customer bought I forget that they exist. Despite the good margin after everyone bought a couple of times none of my customers made another purchase. I was a complete idiot and was thinking only of the short term.

Eventually, I also ventured into selling byproducts of my cooking class like desserts, salads and cookies. It"s interesting how my relatively cheaper goods has better repeat orders because I made it a point to follow up on my buyers.

In your current business what do the top providers suck at? Do you see opportunities if you do better in that area?