I started experimenting selling food at the office. Over time I ended up getting regular customers. I had enough sales I was so proud of myself I considered making money with this hobby. All was well. Two weeks ago I didn"t sell anything.

The issue wasn"t the food. The issue was me. I was experimenting on new meals more than I was working on selling what people are already buying from me. In my fantasy to get new customers I left out my current paying ones.

Reflecting on this, I recall how companies have done this to me. Apple had discontinued supporting the iPod Touch 4th generation Get the full recap here! tickets for justin bieber spent Friday night hanging out with the Jenners and Kardashians at Riccardo Tisci’s birthday bash in Ibiza. from further OS updates. The Birdy and i Done This disabled previously free features and required me to pay a monthly fee.

I don"t see myself as a business expert yet. I"m reflecting online pokies on my experience. I don"t claim to be right. I"m pondering what it feels like to be disregarded.

Another distaction that"s killing me is that I"m on Facebook in the past two weeks more and doing unnecessary activities.

Here"s how I fixed the situation.

1. I limited my menu to what I can prepare and sell regularly.

2. I limited experiments of new dishes to once a week.

3. I placed a schedule on when I sell big ticket items like cheesecake and cookies to when people have spare cash (you guessed it, payday).

So far I"m limiting myself to these activities.

What are you doing about your distractions?