Do not engage.

You are not required to respond.

The 24 Hour Rule. If someone says or does something that upsets you delay any response by 24 hours.

1/3 rule:
No matter what you do...
1/3 of all the people you encounter will like you.
1/3 of all the people you encounter will not care.
1/3 of all the people you encounter will hate you.

Some people follow the three strike rule. Consider the one strike rule. One strike and you’re out.

Delete people for both your benefits.

Hate is contagious. It spreads through people. It spreads through your ideas and that is why you can not afford to have hate in your environment.

You don’t need to know what people you don’t care about are saying about you.

We need energy from people. We want to be with people that give us energy and not take our energy.

Avoid people that take your energy just as you avoid things that make you sick. If you avoid them you avoid complaining. Complaining is another draining activity that doesn’t produce a positive outcome.

I have to go. Let’s talk later. (consider casino online this response to people when they begin to drain your energy.)

But what if you genuinely want to help them? When you’re in an airplane and it’s about to crash and you have a baby, you are instructed to put the oxygen on yourself and not on the baby.

Set up a barrier. Train people to not be crappy by limiting personal exposure.

Take care of your self.

It’s none of my business, what other people think of me.

Do not try online casino to understand.

I was listening to the James Altucher Podcast and I decided to write down my notes. Ever since I tried to make money in any venture, I encounter crappy people. People who criticize me or people who tell me that I can’t do it.

No matter what I did or what job I took. I remember talking to a relative. He said nasty things that discouraged me from working selling real estate. After I quit my job there a couple of years after, he told me I should quit my current job/business (I don’t recall what I was doing then) and work in real estate. I used to follow the advice of people I respected. Later on I realized that I’ll find people who have results, people I admire and respect and people I love who genuinely don’t want me to succeed.

I shouldn’t listen to crappy people. As you run your business in the Philippines always remember that as you do better, things will get better. Your income will improve as your skill improves. Do not listen to crappy people. Do not engage them. Only listen to people who give you energy.

This is actually a note to self post. Feel free to follow the advice if it makes sense for your situation.