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The money made is directly proportional to the volume of products and services sold by your business.

If you have a team, your team follows your lead. If you do well your team eventually does well. If you"re starting out and don"t have a team yet, the only performance that we can evaluate is yours.

Imagine you outsourced your key tasks meetings and love me lyrics warned me that I hugged Justin and not tiring. appointments.

  • How much would you pay outsourced help if they delivered your current level of presentation?
  • How much would you pay outsourced help if they set you online slots up with the last prospect before that?
  • How much would you pay an outsourced help with your current skill level?
  • How many appointments did your outsourced help set up?
  • How many presentations?

With that in mind let"s get back to reality. What specifically needs to get better for you to make better income?

Start with the smallest one.
Take small steps to correct the errors.
Have a consistently low but gradually increasing number of appointments.

Next week we will look in to more details on how to close more sales.