There’s a lot of information on the internet with the title how to get a lot of followers on twitter. Many of it doesn’t work.

Don’t make it a goal to have many twitter followers. Twitter followers are a by product of good twitter habits.

Be Professional

Commit to a posting time. Have something useful to say. Ask yourself. Will you retweet what you’re about to tweet? Is it useful, smart and makes people happy? Commit to replying within the next 24 hours. If you’re a brand with a business that sells products and services you need to make it a strategy to reply immediately. You need to give everyone the impression that you’re fast and dependable. How fast you reply to tweets and direct messages reflect how good your customer services is.

Be Human

Curate Content. Don’t overshare. Post only the best. Include your location. Include humor. Engage your followers. Don’t overuse hashtags.

Be Part of a Community

Compliment brands and people that make you happy. Promote people you admire. They are likely going to retweet it and followers are going to see them. Build relationships with influencers both on and off twitter.

Utilize Twitter Features

Participate intelligently on what’s trending on twitter. Post something interesting or start conversations. Target the right hashtags. Hashtags enable you to connect with other people with similar interests. Do a twitter Q and A. Know the best times to tweet and only tweet on those best times.

Connect twitter to everything that you do

If you have FaceBook, a blog, podcast, video channel, an email list, invite people to follow you on twitter.

It takes time to build anything significant. Twitter is no exception. Over time you’ll reach the right people on twitter and eventually have exactly the right amount of twitter followers.