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Last week we talked about sales ratios. Sometimes we come up with a large number for sales targets. This post is all about how to handle that.

Here’s last week’s example:

Each person"s starting ratio is 1:3
To get 1 sale with payment you will need to submit to a prospect 3 proposals with quotation.
To get 3 proposals with quotation, you will need, 9 meetings with a new prospect.
To achieve 9 casino online meetings with a new prospect, you will need to schedule 27 different appointments.
To have 27 appointments set you will need to call online casinos and/or send emails out to 81 different prospects.

You will also need to chop the large activities into smaller ones to make them manageable.

Here’s a sample activity plan:

81 prospects a month can be processed with 4 contacts reached a day
27 appointments can be 3 appointments a day if you work two days a week.
9 meetings a month can be two meetings a week.

Is this more manageable?

Next week we will talk about how to evaluate your sales performance.