The post is written by Kevin Olega follow him on twitter.

Sales is often trial and error for me. Sometimes I do really well and sometimes I do poorly. I doubt many sales tips because many of them feel like I’m manipulating people. One day I realized I was doing well with my sales targets I decided to write down ten things I do differently that makes me better at sales than my zero seller self.

I couldn’t come up with ten and only thought of eight. Just so you know I’m not a naturally gifted seller. I learn how to sell something a little longer than usual but when I do, I can compete and go toe to toe with the best. I learn by learning about the product and the customer. I learn by making mistakes and improving on my approach.

That said, I hope you find my tips useful.

1. Make it Swabe. Swabe is Filipino for Smooth. Be smooth. Don’t hesitate, but don’t say something or dwell into something that may cause friction. Instead of saying you get all these benefits and you will pay us $100. Say instead, this is only $100 and what you get are all these benefits.

2. Make it special. For them only. Instead of giving in to the ususal spiel, make your own. Make them feel that your offer is designed for them and not you pitching them the offer because you have to. They likely have recieved and rejected dozens of offers. Don’t make the mistake of copying others. I noticed that every person I met who’s successful at selling is good at personalizing their spiel. They don’t sound like a comercial. If you listen to them it’s just like a normal conversation.  3. Focus on the benefit. People don’t buy products they buy benefits. How will what you sell benefit them? I don’t mean that you focus on the benefits your boss tells you. I mean try to genuinely understand the products so you can share benefits. Sometimes it’s not the main benefit they are interested in. In some cases it is the side benefit you need to highlight. Learn to identify the benefit that they are looking for and learn to focus on that because the benefit should justify the price.

4. Understand the next best available option. That way you know what else to offer in case the customer asks for more features or lower pricing. Sometimes next best available option means a competitor product or sticking to the status quo. Understanding the options will help you guide the customer to where he or she will achieve the intended benefit.

5. Give them the best deal. I don’t believe in haggling when selling. I leave some room for negotiation but I don’t like the tedious process of bringing the price down a few cents. I just give them the best offer whenever I can.

6. Understand why your offer is the best deal. Duh! That’s because people only want to buy the best deal.

7. Use their choice of words. Don’t say words only your colleagues and boss will understand. Use words they will understand. Always simplify your spiel. Always use their choice of words.  

8. Believe they will buy. If I don’t believe people will buy, all the work I do is wasted. My offer will sound hessitant and I will appear to be conning them. That’s not true. If you’ve identified clear benefits that justifies the cost of the offer and I believe that I have given them the best available offer then the logic is that they should buy.