An enterprise resource planning demo can be complicated. To be successful, you to simplify. After determining the needs of the customers, identifying their biggest problems, and selecting the best modules and features of your ERP system as a solution to save the customer time and money the next step is to present it successfully.

The purpose of using technology is to multiply the output, capacity, speed and accuracy for each employee and as a result giving them more time to devote to important projects that require human input.

Here are steps that will enable you to present your ERP system effectively.


Begin with a summary the problems and challenges that the client had given you.Reinforce what the main problem is costing to them in terms of work hours and money. Give them a quick overview of your solution and method then go through each step one by one.


Start with the main process described in the meeting. Demonstrate each step from opening the program, to loading or inputing the data, to generating the desired output. Tell them what to click and what the function does. Talk about the steps while showing them how it’s done. Always talk in terms of what they are trying to do and get a confirmation to proceed to the next steps.

Reinforce how easier it is using your ERP System before proceeding to the next process.


Do your best to use the exact key words that they used when they stated the problem in your earlier meetings. Remind them how much money they will save and how many hours they can allocate to more productive pursuits. Make it brief but stay as long as needed in areas or process they are interested in. If you follow these steps, your demonstrations will be successful.