It’s hard to see what you’re good at. For the longest time, I felt as if the world was against me with everything that I did. Persistence became my favorite word and because my life looked like God telling me that you have to be persistent because I’m going to smack you in the face with all that can make you want to break down and give up. I kept trying and failing miserably. I give something a shot, learn my lesson and/or have some fun then try something else. Then one day after my cooking experiment a new acquaintance tried my food. She is the daughter of an international chef and she seemed to like it. To my surprise because most people are disgusted at eating vegetables and lentils. She told me I could to better, gave me her mom’s favorite cookbook and said she’ll help me practice. We became friends fast. Over time I learned a whole bunch of meals really fast. It wasn’t smooth sailing though. The first time I made Kotopoulo Me Piperies (chicken with green peppers) she texted me casino online asking if I was trying to kill her. I used regular cooking oil that day because I forgot to restock on olive oil hoping that she won’t notice.

I eventually got better. She now has a boyfriend and we share meals at work regularly. Sometimes it’s other friends I made at work. These days I pack extra Dieser Video-Slot kostenlos book of ra deluxe spielen verfugt uber funf Reels und 243 Gewinnkombinationen, bei denen Sie einen Blick in das Leben von reichen und beruhmten Menschen werfen kunnen. because people jump in to taste what I made that day. Last December, I made some desserts as gifts to some bosses and asked a few people to buy. They did. I tried strangers and after a few samples they ordered a nice bunch of desserts. I couldn’t believe people were buying. No sales presentation, no marketing I just offered and many of them paid even before seeing what I made.

The advice on this post is to just keep offering new things. You might feel 90% of what you do sucks or is average at best and that you are a complete idiot. I’m saying that because I do all the time. The thing is that to some people what you offer is good enough for them to buy what you are offering. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Want proof? You don’t hear everybody saying if I won’t get into a car that’s not a Ferrari. That’s just silly.

Let me rephrase that. What you offer does not have to be perfect. It needs to be good enough for the people who find it valuable and are willing to pay money for it.

It’s hard to tell which of your offer will be valuable to others enough that they’re willing to pay for it. I encourage you to try new things and offer something to others and see if you can make some money. If that works see if you can make a business from it.

All the best,