Hey guys. I recently attended an event about startups and career paths. I’d like to share some of the notes.

Startups are organizations build on search and validation.

Validation is important because…

  • People lie.
  • People don’t know what they want.

Instead you need to follow a scientific method.

Startups are high growth, temporary and funded differently.

Non startups who think they are start ups are:

  • Not disruptive.
  • Not temporary.

Startup Mindset

  • Grow as big as you can as fast as you can.
  • Disrupt the status quo.
  • Startups often don’t know exactly how to achieve their goals but are trying and tinkering with how to get there.

Make little mistakes so you don’t sell out.

Freelance projects to pay for start up instead of selling equity.

Side note: Filipinas are the best way to attract money to the Philippines.

Startups will always find a way to build a system that circumvents regulation.

  1. Validation
  2. Product
  3. Growth

Indians stay up all night to learn things just for the prestige it gives them. They use commutes and all idle time to better themselves.

Startups are always looking to hiring reliable people

Understand your target market. If you have the right people you get the right context.

You only know about things when you fail.

People who are not for startups:

  • High GPA’s
  • Someone who wants someone with all the answer.
  • Lying.
  • Specialists in only one thing.
  • People looking for “safe” jobs.
  • A tag along.

People who are for startups:

  • has drive
  • are looking for better solutions
  • has the initiative to propose projects or actions
  • willing to take on diverse responsibilities

How to qualify:

  • Teach yourself. Try new things.
  • Don’t care/object about doing things that are not your job. In fact, volunteer.

“Lead or get out of the way.”

Usually these people are comfortable or open to: Writing blog posts, contacting others, teaching a class, building useful tool etc.

Intelligence is important. Here are some tips:

  • Learn new skills and ideas to solve problems
  • Asks why and how - a lot
  • Understands the vision

Point A to Point B Philosophy There is no clear path. Learn quickly and find a better way. (Finds the problems and solves them …in the interview)

Nobody’s dumb. It’s management that destroys people. You’re not allowed to make decisions or mistakes. Local businesses make poor clients.

Not arrogant. Understand that they know nothing about most things.

Puts goals and team in an elevated status over self. Doesn’t ask for preferential treatment.

Foreigners aren’t smarter usually. They only have not time no skill. That’s why they’re hiring you.

Filipinos are the worst managers.

Self knowladge.

  • Have goals
  • Have interests

If your goal is to be a manager. It’s a red flag.

The main concern of all start up founders is cash flow.

An awesome person for a startup is someone who finds problems and solves them in the interview. If you can solve the money problem, consider yourself hired.

Questions you should ask in the interview: What happened to the person before me? Where do you fit in the current landscape? What’s the value proposition? What’s the future look like? What are the biggest challenges? How are you dealing with cash flow before launch?

You only have a few options. You might as well pick one.

Plan and solve the money problem.

The HR Person

  • They’re just checking off boxes. There shouldn’t be any HR people for most startups, so that’s suspicious.
  • Make them laugh, and do the boring things you’ve been told.

The talk is presented by Thomas Laughlin. He an all around awesome startup founder of Bathala Associates, [Amagi Academy](http://amagiacademy.com/#.xyz/, Manila JavaScript (the largest JavaScript event in the Philippines), phi, La Liga and bonito. You can reach out to him on twitter @AmagiNomad

I wish you could be there with me. If you’d like to join me on the next event send me a message and I’ll let you know. Here’s a link to the presentation

alt text

Skill wish list:

  • Swift for iOS development.
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • How to build a Node server. Convert websites to non wordpress.
  • Data Science