I"m recently going through the podcast of best selling author of the Four Hour Workweek Tim Ferriss and picked up a lot of practical advice in dealing with work and life. Before the four hour workweek, I was an unproductive workaholic. I believed that I should trade in all of my available to time to achieve business results which was an acceptable philosophy to my peers back then. After over five years, I"m burnt out. I became really really good at some tasks but I"m always swamped with unimportant and urgent tasks and unable to excel. Over time the lessons from the four hour workweek slowly but dramatically changed my life.

Here are some of the lessons from today"s session.

Make a not to do list. What you don"t do determines what you can do. Limiting your activities enable you to have space to work well with your important tasks.

If you are surprised, you will be placed in a poor negotiating position. Make it a habit to not answer the phone to avoid being surprised. Have your assistant or have your caller send you an agenda first.

Only go to meetings that have a clear agenda.

Do not let people ramble. Train Both partners have taught Driver Education and Training in high how much is driving school throughout the Santa Clara Valley and in 1978 established Economic Driving School. people to get to the point by asking them what specifically to help you with.

Batch checking of updates. (email and social media because the cost of interruption will tax daily decision making ability). Avoid bringing your phone.

Focus on your important tasks per day.

Do not over communicate with low profit, high maintenance customers. Refer them somewhere else if push comes to shove.

Do not work more to fix overwhelm. Prioritize. Define the few things that can/will change your life or business and focus on them.

Do not expect work to fill the void that non work activities should fill. Schedule life and cool activities and defend them as you would business meetings.

Learn to focus. Get a few (really important tasks) done and get out.

Getting things done only happens when you remove the distractions.

What is your favorite lesson? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.