The purpose of business is to make money. If your starting out and you don"t have experience running a business you need to make money in the first two weeks before you invest any further.

When I tried a buy and sell business I made money immediately and then invested more money in the business. Unfortunately I invested more money "playing business" than making money.

When I sold food at work I also made money immediately.  I also learned that the hard part was not selling but online casinos staying focused. There"s a lot of distractions. New products. Marketing to Unfortunately, many students pay to go through training truck driver training and then are not able to find a free online drivers ed job because they do not meet the minimum hiring requirements for most companies. new customers and covering different areas. I feel like the growth casino online is happening too soon and when it does I get distracted playing business.

It"s fun telling other people you have a business selling whatever. It"s also fun to do research and do other shit like attending seminars and reading.  Sadly, none of these activities make money. It actually costs you more money.

Here"s what I remind myself to steer away from the downward spiral that hit me the last time and killed my buy and sell business.

1. Sell and deliver product or service.
2. Make money.
3. Ensure you are reaching a regular income.
4. Stop investing in the business until items 2 and 3 are fulfilled.

What problems have you learned from in your business?