There is no such thing as a self made millionaire. I used to argue that that was the dream. The truth is hard to admit but that’s my pride talking. I want to do things on my own because I want to take the credit. I want to show off to people how awesome I am. I’m selfish for the wrong things. Instead of making it a goal to take care of my self and as a side effect and part of the process taking care of others. I rejected possibilities because I want to take all the glory. I invite you to consider this so you don’t fall into the trap of my mistakes.

You depend on others for your success more than you want to admit. Here are some examples. The people who buy from you. The people you learn from. The people who assisted you. The people who contributed to your education. Like your parents and teachers. The people who are part of the infrastructure.  Like the bank. Your employer and so on. The people who wish you well. Like the people at church and your friends.

You are not bending the environment to your will. You are part of a bigger organism. Imagine cultivating your relationship with the people in the above list? How will it benefit you?

We see business as war and conflict bit if you understand the art of war. The truth is most of the time you are not in conflict. Success is a result of cooperation of factors and people. Learn to cooperate. Save yourself the trouble of learning this later.