Spam is generally bad for email and social media.

It’s annoying and it wastes time.

Spam is when you build a super generic letter or text message or blog post then hope they get what you’re trying to sell or you get hired.

I used the spam strategy early on.

Using the brute force of large numbers seemed to makes sense when you’re starting out.

It’s like the only effective way I tell myself.

As I become more successful, I level up and play in a bigger league , spamming seems to be less effective.

I started to notice when I realized that I’m annoyed that people are spamming me.

I know you have a message to get across, people don’t mind someone telling them about something they can buy.

Spamming feels the same as getting a megaphone in the ear.

I wouldn’t want that so I stopped. Cold turkey. Just like how I quit facebook.

Spamming happens because we’re afraid of rejection and failure.

We deliver large numbers so we don’t hear the “no’s” and as a result we’d rather be ignored.

There’s always a better way.

I know there are more but here are a few that I use and recommend:


Sometimes your best ideas aren’t brought out because you’re spamming your current one.

Be specific

Getting what you want achieved is the goal and not pleasing everybody.

There are a few important people who want and need to hear your message.

Get it across by speaking their language.

They have to get it and not everybody.

Get the no’s as a no and see if you can do better when you try something else.

I use the spam strategy when I don’t want to feel the no’s.

Getting rejected doesn’t feel painful in reality it’s just my fear that’s making things painful.

Come on, say it! “I’m rejected and it feels very painful!”

Afterwards, I go yeah right. It’s not as painful as it looks.

See what I mean? It’s harmless.

What’s your strategy to go beyond spamming?