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We all have a lot of business ideas. The common excuse, even from me is that I have so many ideas, I have so little time and/or resources to execute them. I don"t want to miss out so I write down ideas. That"s kind of a good thing. Over time I have several dozen project or business ideas that I have no time to execute any of it. It clutters my head with fantasies of actionable scenarios that I procrastinate. Then I feel bad and feel unproductive and it eventually eats up the willpower for current things I"m working on.

The downside of being an entrepreneur is nobody assigns you the job entrepreneur. You assign it to yourself and become one on day one. The lack of progress makes you feel like a phoney. So when you call your friends to offer your product or service your confidence may falter. Or when you"re working at home you might feel that what you"re doing isn"t really important.

Instead of focusing on the problem I"d like to gently guide you to a solution.

When you get a business idea, give yourself ten days to start the basic concept.

If it"s a restaurant, invite ten of your friends to your house, make them a meal and charge them money.

If it"s a training service, get your first student and work from there.

If it"s a corporate service, get yourself hired as a freelancer.

Get the feedback early if people are interested and the business is feasible. A lot of businesses are interesting but not feasible and it"s a good idea to get the feedback now than you would if you

Maybe it"s not the idea, maybe it"s the package, the timing, the pricing or something else. Wouldn"t it be a good idea to know?

Business idea inspired by Derek Sivers. You can visit his website at for more practical advice on business and productivity. He also has a collection of business book summaries.

But what if the idea is really good?

The solution is simple.

An index card and a small box.

Write down this idea and summarise on an index card. Keep it in a small box and label it future projects.

Execute your business idea in ten day.

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