If you"re experiencing difficulty completing some tasks, working outside forces you to get job done because you are alone and free from distractions.

You"re in a nice place where nobody bothers you. So whenever you can"t get something done, just do the work in a different place.

Today, I"m working from Le Coeur De France Alphaland.

My meeting got cancelled so I decided to work on some back log tasks. Here are some notes about the experience:

- The place is close to empty, early in the morning so you don"t get distracted.
- The staff are friendly and helpful.
- They offer some pastries on a two for the price of one promo.
- The wifi is pretty good. Not the fastest in the world but enough to work with.
- Ideal for writing, making calls, meetings.
- They accept major credit cards.

I really like the place and expect to go here more often. The next time you have work to do consider going to Le Coeur De France Alphaland.

See you there.