Yes I do have more than 20 years of business experience. Chances are so do you. I"ve been on the customer end of the business for the longest time. I"ve been a prospect for several businesses most of my life. I"ve been a regular at a handful of businesses. I"ve even worked for a few.

One time a business person told me I had no idea what I was talking about. I have no business experience what so ever. That"s a reason why I"ll never buy at your store or work in your company. You will be part of my blacklist.

As a customer I know what I want. I know what ticks me off.

How is this useful?

Take a look at your current business practices from sales procedures to employee handling. If you were paying for a million dollars a month to get that kind of treatment will you continue to do pay the company that treated you that way?

If not then we have a problem here.

Look at your employee handling procedures. Not just the paper kind. Look at how you actually treat your staff.

If that person has the potential to make you a few million a year, how would you treat that person?

I don"t have all the answers at this point. I would however like to invite you to ask more questions.

What is wrong with how businesses are handling people and their customers?

How will you respond?