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I have worked as a customer service representative, writer, virtual assistant and project manager. I will be able to understand your process easily and help you make things better


Kevin is a top rated Upwork Project Manager.Kevin

I work as a project manager for clients who are extremely busy and want to maximize their time, and I get projects moving on their behalf to completion.

My first project management job involved allowing my client to free up half of his workday so he can spend time more time with his dog, practicing yoga and martial arts, and tending to his farm. I received instructions, responded to clients, coordinated with his multi-cultural team of freelancers, inspected the output, and we were able to complete full translations of affiliate products from English to Spanish, maintain one of the largest dating information products online, provide 24 hour customer service to clients, and implement a client’s social media strategy

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Upwork Client Testimonials.

Upwork Client Testimonials

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