Hi there! I’m Kevin.

And it’s really interesting how you’re reading this post.

A couple of months ago, I did the exact same thing.

I hired someone to help me out.

I’ve been spending too much time on Facebook and Instagram so I outsourced all my communication to my assistant.

I have an ever-growing list of things to do.

So I identified the top 20% that will change my life.

Assigned the activities that will bring positive change but not very excited about to my assistant.

And doubled down on the activities that I’m excited about.

As a result, I got things done.

I am dumbfounded at the amount of progress that I have made.

My assistant spends half the day doing her thing.

And so do I.

Because we have cleared most things off my plate.

I can imagine why you’re here…

I get that things are not moving forward on your end.

Some balls are being dropped.

And you are suffering different consequences.

So what I am offering you…

Is something that I have done myself.

I have increased my income.

And reduced my work hours.

In just a couple of months.

And I’m not offering to change your life.

I am offering to give you the assistance so you will regain the power to change yours.

Here’s a little something you need to understand about me…

I have an extremely low politeness personality score.

And as a result, I say things straight.

If there’s something wrong, I’ll tell you.

I also have a high compassion score so…

I’m not going to leave you in that vulnerable spot.

I’ll tell you what can be done to move things forward.

I can help you break old habits.

And bad habits.

I’ve quit sugar, smoking, alcohol and got back into fitness the past couple of years.

And I’ve struggled with these issues myself.

So my insight is not from some expert.

Nor is it insight parroted from a Leadership/Success/Productivity book.

It’s insight from a guy who struggled with problems and figured out what works.

And because you’ll be paying me, I’ll call you on your bullshit.

Let’s just get this part out of the way.

Financially, I’m okay.

Which means…

I don’t really care if you hire me or fire me.

Or not do anything.

At the moment, I have ongoing work with several clients.

And my assistant is just sending me interesting job openings to expand our business.

A writer is outsourced to take care of most of my job applications.

And I’m all set.

Because I’ve taken a liking to your situation.

I’m not going to sugar coat anything for you.

You can expect the TRUTH.

The other thing you need to know is that I don’t compete with price.

The rate I’m offering is $16/hour.

I can give you something better than a morning wake up call and goal setting…

I can call you in the morning, if you need me to, but I’d rather only do this for a short period.

And let’s talk about your sleeping habits…

Because if you’re messing up with your sleep…

Nothing you do will ever be enough to make up for it.

If you lose sleep you fuck up your ability to make the right decisions.

I can get you better value than sending you notes on what you said and following up on missing tasks…

And sure, I’ll write down the answer to your questions and send it to you.

I’ll even call you out for not keeping your word.

I’ll call you mid-day to check on your progress.

I’ll help you 80-20 your tasks and cancel all the things that you need to cancel so you can keep the main thing the main thing.

I’ll help you review at the end of the day. I’d rather teach you how to journal effectively but if this works for you, let’s do it until you are more competent.

I’m a little slower but I guarantee results…

Let’s aim low and stay consistent then make progress.

I’ll listen to you but I’ll keep you on point…

I don’t recommend you tell me what you’re doing. Because the mind is often tricked into confusing the talking for the doing.

I’d rather you write it, snap a photo and send it to me.

Then I’ll ask you a set of questions on how to proceed and come up with tomorrow’s to do list.

I can help you do a weekend review.

Talk about your victories and how to do better.

I’ll dwell on the failures and help you extract the maximum value without being too dramatic about it.

I’ll even send you a printable template that I have used for this.

I also have resources for goal setting that will help you design the life that you want.

I’ll challenge you to put your money where your mouth is…

The biggest element that keeps people accountable is a cash consequence.

I once had my closest friends impose a $10 fine for smoking.

I imagine 5-6 hours a week would be plenty.

And you’ll only pay less than $100 a week to keep me.

Until at least until the price goes up should you decide to hire me later.

One more thing.

If you want to hire a cheap assistant who will promise you the world and no results to back you up.

Or maybe hire a “yes man” or somebody who won’t be very helpful and wasting your time.

You’re welcome to do so.

But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

How much is your time worth again?

I can call you on your timezone and I’m fluent in English.

And I’m a top rated Upwork Project Manager for several of my clients.

I work as a project manager for clients who are extremely busy and want to maximize their time, and I get projects moving on their behalf to completion.

My first project management job involved allowing my client to free up half of his workday so he can spend time more time with his dog, practicing yoga and martial arts, and tending to his farm. I received instructions, responded to clients, coordinated with his multi-cultural team of freelancers, inspected the output, and we were able to complete full translations of affiliate products from English to Spanish, maintain one of the largest dating information products online, provide 24 hour customer service to clients, and implement a client’s social media strategy.

The best way to evaluate me for this position is by talking to me.

If you need more info about me, I’ve compiled my details on this page: