This is a directory of businesses and freelancers that you can engage to help implement your business ideas.

Digify Corp


Digify is a botique, full service, digital agency in the Philippines that has experienced with top notch lifestyle, beauty, travel and luxury brands. They provide Digital Marketing, Public Relations and Community Management services. Link

Full Service Software Development Firm


Amagi offers Mobile Development, Service Enhancement, Supply and Payroll Solutions, System Infrastructure, Design, Data Science and Data Analysis Solutions and more. Link

Full Service Digital Marketing Firm


Brace Digital Solutions provides Web Design and Development, Mobile and Web App Development, Graphic and Video Multimedia Creation, Digital Marketing including SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Content Marketing. Link

Social Media Virtual Assistant

Valerie Deveza is a social media virtual assistant provider. Link

Corporate Trainings

Amagi Academy provides User Interface Development, Software Systems Development, Data Science courses. Link

Corporate English Trainings

Teacher Barbara of Philippines Private English Tutors provides corporate English training for individuals and business who seek to enhance their communication skills. Link

Coworking Space

The Common Space

The Common Space is a cozy coworking space in BF ParaƱaque. Link