Here’s a simple Instragram growth strategy.

It’s so simple you can implement it on your own.

Or if you don’t have the time, we can do it for you.

This strategy is develped by Gary Vaynerchuck one of the top Social Media Marketing Experts in the world.

This strategy works best if you are servicing customers located near your area or location of operations.


Here goes.

For example your business is Wedding Invitations.

And you specialize in serving people near your area.

Ask yourself a few questions.

Where can you find the people who are likely to get your product or service?

What are the stages that happen before a wedding?

Pre-nuptial pictorial?

Food tasting with the caterers?

Yes. The proposal.

What are the ten best restaurants and locations to do a proposal?

Let’s prepare that list.


How do we execute the growth strategy on instagram?

Let’s go to Instagram.

Let’s look for the top wedding proposal venues.

Then let’s look for people who post photos of a proposal.

Then let’s leave a thoughtful comment.

Why does this instagram strategy work?

Here’s an idea to consider.

Most people in my circle have about a thousand people on their Facebook and about three hundred people on their Instagram.

These people get an average of three to seven likes on their photos.

Here’s the thing.

They would appreciate a thoughtful comment.

People make an effort to look good for a proposal.

An “I love your dress” comment is is appreciated.

A “You guys look great together. Congratulations!” comment is appreciated.

A “You can actually see the guy making an effort in crafting the perfect proposal. Congratulations!” comment is appreciated.

They see your comment and go “who the fuck is this?”

Then they see “Invitations by Christine” then it has some invitations on your instagram account.

Now they’re thinking.

I still don’t have invitations for my wedding.

But this person is nice.

Maybe I’ll send her a message.

How we can make this work.

Your instagram name and descriptions should s

Your instagram photos should showcase your work.


Send me a message.