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I started selling educational products and services before the pandemic.

I’ve had some decent success getting customers using Facebook Ads and content marketing.

I have a website that provided free samples of the products that we’re selling.

I started a YouTube channel to share recorded teaching sessions.

I promoted my offers mostly through Facebook Ads.

90% of our sales come from FB inquiries.

The pandemic happened.

Sales went down.

We had it worst during the lockdown.

We survived the year but not without casualties.

In year two, the inquiries went down.

Facebook ads became more expensive.

We experienced another lockdown.

We have fewer people inquiring.

What’s the solution?

We’re working with hand-to-hand combat.

We’ve all heard about how “The Art of War” applies to business.

You’ve probably seen the book several times.

Marketing mimics long-range attacks.

Sales reflect short-range attacks.

Face-to-Face selling emulates unarmed combat.

Negotiation is like grappling.

That said, at what range can you fight?

Facebook ads and content marketing are effective long-range attacks.

We attract several interested buyers when we spend on ads and post on social media.

The engagement doesn’t stop there.

We’ll need to answer questions and be with our prospect until the transaction takes place.

We provide information via email, chat, and call.

We have a better closing ratio after we’ve spoken to our prospects.

The process is tedious, but it works.

I learned online marketing strategies because I don’t want to sell in person.

I’d like to have an automated business and enjoy passive income.

You do get passive income to an extent.

However, business is like a battlefield.

The situation changes.

What works now may not be effective tomorrow.

You’ll want to learn how to fight at different ranges of combat.

The Japanese samurai of old were formidable.

Samurai are military nobility and are often tasked to lead smaller units in armies.

Samurai can manage troops and logistics of the army’s fighting force.

Samurai fought with the longbow, often on horseback.

Samurai are also marksmen and can use rifles and pistols.

Samurai wielded spears and polearms.

Samurai can fight on horseback or on foot.

Samurai fought in and can swim in armor.

Samurai resorted to sword fighting after expending all their ranged weapons.

Samurai carried a shorter sword.

Samurai were knowledgeable about the use of throwing weapons.

Samurai were also proficient with Jiujitsu, wrestling, and Aikijitsu.

Are you conducting your business with the proficiency of an elite warrior?

Alternatively, are you fighting like an extra that easily gets killed in war movies?

What range can you fight in?

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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