How to Become a Voice Talent

April 25, 2021 • written by

I answered this question in an online forum.

Hi po. Are there any voice over artists/actors here?

Or someone who had an experience na with it?

Can you share po your experience and thoughts about it?

Is this industry thriving?

I’m fairly happy naman po with my job now which has nothing to do with voice acting, but Ive always been interested abt voice over works.

I have 0 experience po apart from the petty fact na news anchor ako ng school namin nung HS ako HAHAHAHA.

Recently nauso yung mga tiktok VA challenges kaya nag resurface yung interest na yun.

And I did those challenges so far ok naman comments hahaha one time they thought I was just dubbing Inka, eh boses ko yon.

Hahahaha sorry kung sobrang hangin nahihiya ako kasi parang hindi ko naman yun kalevel hahaha.

I’d love to hear your thoughts po and if someone can maybe guide me or mentor me with this, I would highly appreciate it.

I’m willing to be learn and purchase entry level setups and learn how to use them and even do pro bono works po. Salamat.

Here’s my advice.

How To Start Voiceover Work.

Start a YT channel.

Name your channel, your name + Voice Acting or Voice Over.

Build 200 Voice Samples

Record yourself reading blog posts of smaller blogs.

Include This Intro

Add the following intro:

Hi there! My name is KEVIN.

I’m a new voice actor.

I’m recording this video to hone my skills as a voice talent.

If you enjoyed my performance, please consider hiring me for a project.

You may also support me by subscribing to my channel, hitting like, and leaving a comment with your feedback.

Please suggest other blogs that you’d like me to read in the comments below.

If you’re the owner of this article, please check your email, I sent my proposal.

Please enjoy!

Send 200 Email Proposals

Send an email to the author.

You can find the author’s email address on their contact page.

If the author has a phone number, call them.

Contact the author and ask if they’d like to hire you to do a voice over.

Dealing with Rejection

The YT video is your sample.

99% of people you approach will reject you.

So after recording 200 videos, you’ll likely close two sales.

You’ll also have a YT channel with 200 videos.

That should help you get started.

I can send you a link to blogs who might appreciate the voiceover.

Get Help From Friends

Ask your friends to suggest videos and to share your recordings.

Don’t expect help but it’s always a good idea to ask.

Similar to selling your service 99% of your friends will say no.

That’s okay.

Just continue building up to 200 and see what happens.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

If you made it this far, you should introduce yourself.